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Expressing his displeasure to  Kumayl, the governor of Heet, who was unable to circumvent enemy raids

It's very ironic that Shias will leap while in the protection of Nahj Al-Balagha, when just about each individual Shia will argue that there's no reliable e book in addition to the reserve of Allah.



الحمد لله الواحد الأحد، وكل أحد سواه مطلع الأعداد، العادل الصمد، ولا والد ولا ولد، ملك وصور وحكم، ولا مساعد ولا إسعاد، وأمهل وأهلك أهل الرد والإلحاد، وسمك السماء ومسك ولا حامل ولا عماد، وسطح المهاد وأوسع ولا أوطار ولا وساد، وكل طامع حاد عما سمع حال حاله لما حاد، ولا وصول إلا لواله صد لأمل الوصال حلاوة الوساد، ولا ورد إلا الساهر وأورد طعم المورود مرار السهاد، إله وعد أهل السعادة أعلى محل وأكرم مراد، وهدى أهل الإهمال سوء المرصاد وهول المعاد، عالم سامع مدرك مسمع لا عمل لعامل إلا ما أراد، الملهد هالك والموحد مالك ومسلك السلامة سعادة الوراد، أحمده وأوحده حمدا أعده للأهوال الحداد، وأمدح رسوله أكرم العموم وأكرم الآحاد، سلام الله واصل ما لاح لامع وأدلهم سواد، مواصل صدور أهل الكمال والسداد، وسلم وكرم. وصلى على محمد المكرم .ـ

Into the deputy governor of Basra "If I arrive at know that you've misappropriated the money of Muslims, small or big, I shall inflict upon you this sort of punishment which can go away you empty-handed, hefty-backed, and humiliated."

publications to cross-Check out the veracity of Nahj al-balaghah experienced failed miserably even in deciding appropriately


Sorry for reducing your remark quick, your initial remark was four periods the dimensions of what we approved higher than. We are going to be demanding in accepting prolonged responses from now on and We are going to urge all to make their details short and easy. As for your personal claim, nobody listed here stated the Nahj was not eloquent. We said that eloquence would not indicate that `Ali actually mentioned these items. A great deal of Arabs have been eloquent and many were poets who could think of texts equally as eloquent quickly and we’ve provided some illustrations in earlier remarks. As in your assert that we can easily’t Examine Nahj’s eloquence to authentic prophetic-sayings, this is where you are unsuccessful, because the Nahj includes texts which might be a good deal additional eloquent than most prophetic-sayings irrespective of whether in Sunni or Shia books.

"In my early age with the dawn of youth I commenced crafting Khasa'is al-a'imma within the characteristics in the Imams covering the account of their virtues and masterpieces of their utterances. The objective of the compilation was said by me to start with of your book. Therein I finished the portion associated with the account of Amir al-mu'minin Ali (peace be upon him) but I could not finish that section in regards to the other Imams on account of impediments of enough time and road blocks of the times.

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The exclusion of fifteen letters from Arabic alphabet, in excess of 50 percent on the letters, is in truth click here a severe handicap, which makes it In particular challenging to think of an eloquent speech.

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